Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Does this taste funny to you?

Ok, you've probably heard the joke about the two cannibals who were eating the clown when one turns to the other and asks, "Does this taste funny to you?" My wife and I weren't eating a clown, rather, we were enjoying a turkey dinner complete with gravy and dressing. I was quite proud of my efforts when my wife took a bite of the dressing, winced, and a scowl appeared across her face. "This doesn't taste right", she says while trying to remain ladylike and spit the dressing out simultaneosly. "What?" I exclaimed, my pride hurt that something I prepared was questioned. Then, I tried it, and no, I wasn't close to being gentlemanly when I expelled it back onto my plate.

A little private detective work ensued and I discovered the expiration date on the stuffing was something in 2003, B.C. I think. I didn't know stuffing could go bad. After all, it's just... stuff. Rest assured it can however, and does. After the shock wore off of preparing stuffing three years past it's expiration date we began to wonder how we ignored this box in the cabinet for three years now. If we weren't going to use it, why did we buy it?

"You probably had a coupon" my wife suggested. Ah, there it is, the infamous coupon zinger hurled at my head. Luckily, we've been married a few years now and I know when to duck. Okay, I admit I clip coupons. I admit that on more than one occasion we've donated items to food banks that I had purchased because I had a coupon. My wife hates the grocery store... I love it. I get a rush when I go through the checkout and realize I saved $1.45. Hey, that's almost enough for a loaf of bread. On those triple coupon weekends, forget about it. I'm right there with the rest of the coupon crazies fighting for that last can of spam.

It drives my wife crazy but since she doesn't like to grocery shop, she lets me have my fun. I did however make a note to myself. The next time I prepare dinner... I'm checking the expiration dates.


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