Thursday, April 07, 2011

I'm Pulling for you Charlie Sheen!

I have a lot of my mom in me. She's one of those people who refuse to ever give up on people, always sees good in people, always sees a path for redemption in people. I try not to be her, but ultimately I fail. I really want to give up on people sometimes, starting with my own kids when they are way off base. I try, but I can't. I'm like Charlie Brown who in his head knows Lucy is going to yank that football away at the last second but in his heart has to believe in her anyway... right up until he lands flat on his back. That brings me to Charlie Sheen. I have friends and family who have written Charlie off for any number of reasons... pick your favorite... arrogance, drug use, violent behavior, pretty much behaving like an ass.

Forgive me for not jumping on the bandwagon just yet. I like Charlie Sheen. There, I wrote it down. I like Two & a Half Men. I think Charlie Sheen and John Cryer are the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis of my generation. No, I don't think it's appropriate to sit around and watch with your five year old, but for adults it's often laugh out loud funny. It pokes fun at topics we think about everyday but don't spin into a sitcom. Okay, back to Charlie. I like Charlie Sheen but I don't like his behavior, especially when it involves drugs or mistreatment of other people. I know drugs firsthand. My wife and I are raising two grandchildren due to the damage inflicted by drugs. I hate them. Rationalize them all you want, but if it's an illegal substance I want no part of it. I've seen the horrible things drugs do to people and their families. In case I wasn't clear... I HATE DRUGS!

I haven't given up on Charlie though. As an actor he can be brilliant, just not in this past season. Seriously Charlie, watch this past season, or at least the episodes that were completed and you'll see a shell of your former self walking through your lines. You didn't look healthy. You'll also notice more and more episodes centered around other cast members just to avoid putting you center stage. That's a shame since the show should evolve around you. You can talk about great ratings, but half those people were probably watching just to see if you would implode, and the other half watched to read whatever cerbic wit Chuck Lorre was going to share in his Vanity Card.

I refused to give up on Robert Downey Jr. when others did, and look where he is now. I'm still a little sore he didn't get his act together in time to finish out Ally McBeal and come back to her like he promised with that snowman, but at least he eventually got it. I think Charlie can too. I'd like to think Lindsey Lohan will have an epiphany as well. There a lot left out there for her to do if she doesn't squander her life.

So I'm pulling for you Charlie. Me & Mom, we're in your corner. I'd love to see you return to Two & a Half Men, but I'd rather see you healthy and successful as a dad. I know you might be winning at the moment on the balance sheet, but are you doing so with the things that really matter? The great thing about life is that while you still have it, you still have time. If you have time, you're still winning. So stick around, there's legions of fans like myself that are rooting for a happy ending to your story.



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