Thursday, October 23, 2014

Parental Advisory Warning

Parents, do you know what your children are listening to?  My 14 year-old son was recently heard about a CD he was told was really cool.  The title was Ruff Ryders.  He told me it carried a Parental Advisory Warning but that it was no big deal.  We purchased the CD at the mall after the store manager told me I could listen to it, decide for myself if it was appropriate, and return it if I thought otherwise.  Well, I managed to listen to only the first song.  It was pornography disguised with a musical backdrop.  Appalled, I researched the group on the Internet and found their web-site with published lyrics.  The songs dealt with gratuitous violence and guns, disregard for authority, drugs, and sex, violent sex with exploitation of the women.  Fortunately, I intercepted this CD and did not give it to my son.  I did give him a sampling of the first song and we talked about why I felt this to be not just inappropriate, but grossly wrong.

My son agreed with me but said, “You know Dad, I could just go buy it if I wanted.”  Not wanting to believe him I started making calls.  He was exactly right.  There are a couple music stores which require a person to be 16 years of age in order to buy a CD with a parent’s advisory but of their own choice, not because it is mandated.  Others will sell them to anyone with money citing the fact that there isn’t a law enforced which prevents them from doing so.  I have since learned that only two states, Florida and Utah impose an age limit for purchasing these CD’s.  I believe there should be one in North Carolina as well.

I am not opposed to free speech or the rights of any individuals to express themselves.  I am a parent, and a concerned one.  This past year I have seen violence in our schools escalate to the point that I breathe a prayer of relief each day my children arrive safely home.  I see that there is some activity in government to finally enforce age restrictions with regard to movie ratings.  I believe that this is an area that needs attention as well.  At most, write your congressman as I have done.  At the very least, I implore you to take notice of the music your children are listening to and the CD’s they are buying.  Consider this a… Parent’s Advisory Warning.

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