Wednesday, March 04, 2015


     Those of us old enough remember fondly the amorous Pepe Le Pew.  What a Casanova he was!  Yet in spite of all his charm and his silver tongue... at the end of the day he was, and still smelled, like a skunk.  Just a few days ago my wife was innocently driving home and as she entered our development her car was sprayed by a skunk.  She remembered smelling the skunk, but it wasn't until she pulled into our garage and our house became skunk infused within about a minute did she realize she was the target.

     It's now days later and several things have happened.  One, her car has been professionally cleaned.  Two, her car is being parked outside.  And three, my wife's car still is skunked.  In other words, my wife is driving my truck now and I have her car.  Yes, I took the husband high road on this one, particularly since my wife has a long drive to work and I basically walk up the stairs to my office.  Anywhere I go during the week is little more than minutes from the house. 

We've been in contact with all the experts to see what we could do, and by experts I mean Google.  Nothing we have tried so far has done much more than mask.  Honestly, I'm beginning to wonder if the skunk smell is really as bad as the air freshener, Lysol, Frebreze combination of smells that we are currently dealing with.  It's best my drives are short distances or I would probably be high by the time I reached my destination.

Pepe, you win my friend.  I have found nothing to adequately battle you with.  It seems the best recommendation I can find when faced with this problem is time.  As granny would often say, "in time this too shall pass."

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