Monday, March 23, 2015


As we go through the days leading up to Easter I am reminded of not only what Christ endured to secure our salvation, but also the miracle of his resurrection.  I can only imagine what it was like on that morning, walking along, downcast, depressed, trying to come to terms with having lost the most important figure to walk the earth.

I can imagine feeling like something is different, hearing that small voice inside whispering that God has not let us down, he is still in control.  Looking up at the sky I see a cascade of colors which remind me that God most certainly is alive. 

I don't know what the sky looked like the morning of Christ's resurrection but I imagine it looking something like this.  Granted, this picture is from our neighborhood but it's little reminders like this that remind me of God's glory and majestic presence. 

It also reminds me that not only did Christ die for us, he rose from the dead, and continues to intercede for us today.  Easter is not only a time to acknowledge the sacrifice Christ made for us, it is a time to thank and praise him for it.

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