Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mother Nature Gets our Attention... Again

I find myself today along with millions of others across the country glued to every conceivable media outlet waiting to hear more details of the devastation that hurricane Katrina has left in her wake. It's a beautiful thing how Americans come together in the moment of crisis. During the upcoming weeks and months volunteers will help rebuild, heal, and sadly... help recover the dead. Donations will arrive in the form of food, water, blood, clothing, & money. Americans are generous by nature. They respond when it affects those outside our nation, and especially when it's our own. It's too bad we aren't more united when times are good.

My wife and I own a timeshare in New Orleans, just a few blocks from Bourbon Street. We fell in love with the town a few years ago when I was attending a convention there. It's a city rich in history, the arts, great food & music. Sitting below sea level the city exists largely on faith that she'll be spared any natural disasters of catastrophic proportions, much like San Francisco does with earthquakes. You always know the possibility is there, but there are too many wonderful things about the city to allow it more than a fleeting thought.

This storm has affected much more than those in the city of New Orleans. The devastation spreads across several states. Early estimates suggest it may be the most expensive hurricane in U.S. history.

This is not a time to turn the other way. We can mourn for their loss and it will be appreciated. Then again, even at a funeral people often bring food to the grieving family. So America, do what you do best. Mother Nature may have won the first round... but we will win the last.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is coordinating relief efforts for those affected by Katrina. Visit the website to see how you can help. Every little bit helps!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sunday morning

It's early on a Sunday morning and I'm supposed to be working. However there are times despite our technology that things simply don't work. Such is the case this morning as I am unable to get connected with our network. Nothing I can do but wait and occasionally retry. Sort of like wash, rinse, repeat.

The upside to this is now I have a few quiet moments to reflect on things, things which more often than not find their way to print. I don't mean to be so opinionated, but I am over forty so I am at a point in my life where I feel I've earned the right to be!

Hmm, speaking of opinions...

The BTK killer Dennis Rader was sentenced to life for the murders that he described in court with the cool demeanor of someone reciting the lunch menu at Dennys. Is it just me or does it piss you off to think we are going to keep up this monster for the next forty years or so? Personally I think he should be put in the general prison population with a t-shirt that reads "I probably killed your mom, sister, or daughter" Perhaps he'll be meeting Jeffrey Dahmer in hell real soon.

Before we leave this subject of sick bastards let me add this... For anyone out there who writes this monster in hopes of marketing anything he writes, draws, excretes, etc... remember this. Everytime you do something to glorify Rader you are literally spitting on the graves of his victims and taunting the grief of their families.

Shame on you.