Saturday, June 17, 2006

Big Day for USA in World Cup

Okay I admit it... it wasn't until recently that I recognized soccer as a legitimate sport. At first I wasn't sincere about it either... I just wanted to appease my good friend Bob, who happens to be English and loves soccer, or football as he calls it, with a passion. As I learned more about the sport however, thanks in large to Bob, and to a Soccer for Dummies book he and his wife gave me for Christmas, I began to change... I became a fan.

For months now my friend has been talking about the World Cup. Yeah, okay, I'd reply with a yawn. Now that it's here however and I've been watching countries compete from all over the world, I've been truly impressed. Petty differences have been set aside and the result has been some awesome matches. The passion of the players and fans is something to behold. Just this past week we went to a local pub for the USA match against Czech Republic and there were actually people there who showed up to watch the game. Soccer! Can you imagine? Unfortunately the USA didn't have a very good outing and the result was a 3-0 loss.

Today the USA plays Italy in a must win game for them to have any chance of advancing in the World Cup. Think I'll be watching? You bet I will and I suspect so will a lot of you!



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