Monday, June 12, 2006

Death of Mother-in-Law

My mother in law, Dorothy Boyd, passed away Thursday evening about 6pm on June 8th after battling an aggresive form of cancer. She was diagnosed a month ago and just like that... she's gone.

I wanted to write something about her here because she was such a special lady. She was nothing like the stereotypical mother in law that is the butt of so many jokes and cartoon strips. I can't remember a single time I saw her upset or utter a cross word... even when her pain with the cancer was at it's worst. More often than not, she would try and just bear with her pain not wanting to trouble the nurses and ask for anything.

People like her are rare. She raised six children and bravely fought off death yesterday until all of them could make it to her side.

I don't know how I'll be when death comes calling for me. I hope that when it comes however I remember Nanny, and am somehow able to rise up to just a fraction of the bravery, dignity, and love with which she faced it.


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