Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Farewell Old Friend

I sold my motorcycle yesterday. To say I had anything less than mixed emotions as I watched it being rode away, knowing it would never return, is an understatement. The timing was right with gas prices being what they are and the demand for the smaller 883 Harleys not being the best. Yep, the timing was right and I knew it.

I started riding bikes when I was just a boy but got away from them in my early adulthood. Something about needing to stay alive to help raise the kids I think was my wife's reasoning. Actually she may have just said no, and left it at that. My current wife doesn't mind me riding but the kids are grown and I have more insurance.

I didn't buy my first Harley Davidson until my late thirties. I had owned Honda's, Yamaha's & Suzuki's and been pleased with them all. It was midlife crisis time however and I wanted a Harley. I've owned two, both Sportsters, both black, and both wonderful bikes. Hmm, what will I own next time?

To someone who has never ridden it's difficult to explain the feeling of freedom that the gods extend to you on a bike. In my truck with the air on and the radio turned up I'm usually oblivious to the world around me. It passes by with not much more than a glance from me. The bike riding experience is far different. Instead of ignoring the environment you become one with it. Your senses becoming alive with everything around you. Smells such as fresh cut grass, neighborhood barbecues, saltwater from the ocean, fill your senses. You can't help but take notice.

So farewell old friend. Thank you for the many rides we shared. Thank you for slowing me down and giving me time to think about life instead of just ignoring it. In spite of a world where less and less respect is given to bike riders we were able to keep each other safe and I am grateful for that. I wish many safe rides for you and your new owner.

It was a great ride.


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